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Release Buried Emotions and Negative Memories

Posted on January 18, 2015 at 5:50 AM

Are you having a difficult time moving forward in your life?

Do you find yourself blocked and don't know why?

You could have buried negative memories and/or emotions and thought you had let go of them long ago.  If you do not speak your truth, you may swallow it and bury it deep within you.  This quite often can cause your chakras to become unbalanced.

The following exercises have helped me and my clients and they may help you to let go.   Blessings!

  • Find a quiet safe place and think back into your life as far back as you can remember.  And then start thinking your way forward.  Stop at each moment you remember about something and/or someone that seems to pick at your heart or your gut, then stop and really look at that moment in your life.  Now speak out loud, in your head or write on paper how you felt then and how that affected your life from that point forward.  After expressing your feelings surrounding that moment, say the following release statement:
  • "I release and ask for blessings for myself and anyone involved.  I no longer am attached to those feelings.  I am free and they are free."  Take a deep breath and feel it leave you.  
  • If you write on the paper, take that paper and wrap it around a small stick and go to a creek, river, ocean or lake and throw that stick as far out in the water as you can and say the release statement and take the deep breath and feel it leave you as you turn your back on the water and walk away. Ask that the situation be blessed
  • Now move forward to the next event or memory and do the same with each memory until you reach the present moment.
  • Remember you do not have to accept what others believe as your belief.  If it does not feel right to you, then ask yourself if it feels like truth to you.
  • You can tell others that you understand that they have their beliefs and feelings of what is right for them, but they are not right for you.  Tell them you respect their beliefs and ask that they do the same for you; and leave it at that.  . 
  • Anytime you feel that someone is bringing or sending negative energies into your space, just brush it off and state that it is not yours.

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